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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What forms of payment do you accept?
Visa and MasterCard.

Q. Is it safe to enter my credit card number on the site?
Yes. Kay Pierce Fund Raising Online Store uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) security.

Q. What is a group ID?
The group ID is a unique number; please refer to your group's parent letter for this ID.

Q. What is the seller ID, and how do I get one?
A seller ID is mandatory for calculating the student's prize credit. It is generated after a parent/guardian registers their student on our website. If you're a parent/guardian and you need a seller ID, find your group ID (see above) and click here to register.

Q. When will I receive my online order?
Most orders are processed and shipped in 2-4 weeks.

Q. Will I have to pay sales tax?
We are required to collect sales tax on orders which are placed in Texas.

Q. How do I return a damaged or incorrect item?
For fastest service, fill out a customer service request online:
    * If your order was delivered to you by Student, click here
    * If your order was placed online and shipped direct to you, click here.

Q. Why are some items listed online but not in my brochure? Can I add that to my paper order form?
Online items are reserved and shipped separately from the student's paper order; online merchandise can only be ordered online.

Q. How do I make sure a particular school receives profit and the student receives prize credit?
Prize credit will be issued to the student for orders placed during the sale. You will be prompted to enter specific information regarding the student you are trying to help when checking out.

Q. If I register on your website, will you sell my information?
Your information will NOT be sold to any third parties. You may be contacted by our Customer Service Center to verify any questions we may have about your order.



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