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Our Services - What's Important to You?

  • We design, you approve, we print custom parent and teacher letters.
  • Step-by-Step handbook to guide you through your sale.
  • Each order is scanned for accuracy and sorted by name, grade, and class.
  • All orders and prizes arrive packed by teacher and student name including frozen foods.
  • Inside delivery to the location of your choice.
  • Parents contact us directly via the web or telephone.

  • Class and student reports available online 24/7
  • Online shopping allows out of town family and friends to help support your school and students earn full prize credit.
  • Templates for reminder notes and emails that can be sent to parents.

  • We offer "green" merchandise.
  • Student orders are packed into recycled, corrugated boxes.
  • Recycled pallets are used to ship our products.
  • Our standard gift wrap is printed on recycled paper and is even recyclable!

  • More products Made in America.
  • Exclusive product lines and many licensed products!

  • Dynamic, fun kickoffs and assemblies to get students excited!
  • Promotional materials (posters, announcements, and more).
  • Custom prize programs: prize brochures, limo rides, drawings, top seller prizes, etc...


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